Last Superkart event of the 2016 season takes place on Bugatti circuit at the Open French Championship on 29 & 30th October. This ultimate European confrontation proposes an outstanding display, the largest number of competitors (43) for an event this year including the European Championship.

Mans2016 ouverture

Almost all the best current drivers will be present, except of the double European champion 2015/2016, the Czech Adam Kout, too far. They will be joined by several candidates from all countries involved. This will be the weekend or various prospects in 2017 will be revealed or discussed in the paddock.

A last minute surprise was registered with the commitment of Emmanuel Vinuales, triple European champion, also record holder of the track. He wants to solve his difficulty finding the appropriate set-up to its chassis, but should challenge the victory to the logical favorites. Among them, the German Peter Elkmann (MSkart / VM) is the main leader. Double Champion of France, a third consecutive title is within his reach. The revelation of 2016, the Belgian Yannick de Brabander (MSkart / VM), after 10 years at the top in Karting KZ1, has discovered the Superkart in May. He quickly emerged as one of the major opponents, winning his first international victory this summer in Assen. The vice-champion of France 2015, Julien Goullancourt (Anderson / DEA) should repeat this performance, his ability to run on outposts increased further, including a victory at Zandvoort and repeated podiums.

The French championship is the initial challenge of this competition, but a local victory even more motivating for most competitors considering the lead in the standings of the first two and by demonstrating its willingness to be competitive during this final at the Sarthe. To move up a place in the overall standings, we find in contention; Dutchman Leo Kurstjens (MSKart / VM), more formidable this year, the German Daniel Hentschel who would return momentarily back in the foreground (He just recover the MSkart /DEA from Kout), the Finn Vesa Lehtinen (Anderson / VM) best driver of the Redspeed team, the Englishman Dave Harvey (MSkart / VM) an faithful always well positioned, the Swiss Etienne Aebischer (PVP/FPE) who comes out from a semi sabbatical year and French Johan Lamalle clearly improved with a more suitable equipment (VM) or Alexandre Sebastia (Anderson / DEA) champion of France 2013 whose top speed is well established.

To win a place on the podium, regardless of points, it will be necessary to count also on Daniel Clark. The Briton was among the frontrunners in European Championship or Thierry Savard deemed excellent engine preparer, who will making his VM debut but was surprised early in the season by the level of performance achieved in Superkart Some elements can spice up the event, like the first participation of Franck Savouret, France champion of KZ long circuit and the internal struggle in single cylinders which will be rewarded. The category is still in its infancy in France, while in UK, it became the flagship category. Kevin Busby's team comes with its single- cylinder THR which will be faced to gas-gas and DEA. Additionally, some 4 stroke engines want to demonstrate their evolution.

Last year, the event was included in European Championship, qualifying were very tight between Kout (1'35''436 '' ') and Elkmann (1'35''486' ''). The first race was disrupted by the weather, the second allowed the Czech driver to set the quickest lap time in 1'34''918, close to the record of Vinuales dating from 2012 (1'34''824 ''’').

Jean-Christophe Bourlat et Eric Sévère


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