The second round and final of the FIA-CIK European Superkart Championship will be held on 4 and 5 October at Val de Vienne, a must circuit in France but new to most foreign participants. As a wink to history, there are more than 20 years (1993), this circuit has hosted a World Championship Superkart at the time called Form E won by a Dutch Perry Grondstra, to his countrymen - second delegation in number- to consider a successor.

ouverturearticle 0625 The number of entries (32 competitors) has eroded between the two events of the 2014 European Championship. This bipolar program is probably one of the factors. Note the small number of retirements during the 1st round and the difficulty to fetch points because the level display in the Netherlands has been extraordinary. Those who missed their performance at Assen can be discouraged. The game is not still played. If you retain the best three scores on the 4 possible outcomes. The fight promises to be tight for the podium but also for the general ranking, not only because the number of entries is still substantial, but mostly because of the extremely homogeneous registered SK field. All favorites, all drivers classified in recent years with two exceptions, and recent young guns are incurred. The French make up by far the largest delegation (The event also account for the French Championship). Superkart is from Britain but surprising the British withdrew with the exception of the 3 best competitors. The number of free practices will optimize the set-up of these fastest racing vehicles of the weekend. Qualifications should already lead a silent but relentless fight with his dose of stress because it will be imperative to be well positioned on the grid extended for both races.

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In game predictions, two pilots received the most votes: The Czech Adam Kout (MSkart / DEA) interim leader. It was imperial in Assen during the first race. Party again leading the second race, he only gave up in the final loop, earning points for second place. Its performance is remarkable since the beginning of the season. He also won six races in the German series in which it participates. Could this finally his year ? He runs with a first-generation DEA' engine but revised by the MSkart factory this year was able to develop it. His main rival should be the French Emmanuel Vinuales (Anderson / DEA) European Champion in 2011 and 2013. In his disadvantage, he has already used his "joker". It has not been able to start on the grid for the first race in Assen but triumphed magnificently in the second race. He again demonstrated his speed. The weight of pressure sits squarely on his shoulders he must win at least one race and stay ahead of his direct opponent in the other. Both drivers were the fastest above, however they will be dependent upon the results of the outsiders. To counter the two favorite's aims, a trio seems best equipped: Dutchman Arjan Kievitsbosch (MSkart / VM), which was a fantastic brawler at home. He is second overall (8 points ahead of Vinuales).The German Peter Elkmann (European Champion 2008) another reference driver in MSkart / VM (Team Karting Paradise). It manifested itself at the forefront in each of these races since his return to Superkart. Briton Gavin Bennett (Anderson / DEA) European triple crown, seemed troubled in the Netherlands but he has the experience, never gives up and has had a busy summer, always count on him.
Other talented drivers attempt to interfere on the podium. Among them are: The 2014 German revelation, Andreas Jost (Anderson / VM) independent pilot confirming its significant increase. (Double wins at Dijon early September). The Dane Henrik Lilja (PVP / PVP) regularly podium declined amazing performance this season. His team manager - manufacturing Poul V. Petersen will probably analyzed data from its engine. Marcel Maasmann (Anderson / FPE) as runner-up in 2012 also seems a bit out of pure performance, but remains active in the lead pack. Liam Morley (Anderson / DEA) broke in qualifying at Assen ruining his chances. In front of public, he has performed a dramatic ascent. If he starts this time from the first rows, it could be inserted. The French Alexandre Sébastia (Champion of France 2013) had just installed a new engine (DEA) in Assen and was unable to demonstrate his active commitment, but the Val de Vienne is a circuit where he excels. He has the ability to mingle in battle. We will see again with pleasure the European Champion in 2012, Lee Harpham, driver Redspeed Team. He had to give up in the 1st round due to lack of budget. Among the French colony, let us note the comeback of Antoine Lacoste on which it will be necessary to keep a close eye as well as Cyril Vayssié (Winner at Nogaro).