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Eric,you can give a information by Mediasuperkart.

I think it will be good to involve many engaged people into this theme and speak open over the situation.

I hope there will be a solution by the CIK or others that helps us to enjoy our sport in future. I speak to many drivers the last weeks. They see the problem with the two series in the same way. Nobody knows where he will drive and all get trouble with the plans for the next year.

A group of Superkart drivers (among them Willi Pfeiffer, Thomas Marggraf and Joachim
Breckwoldt) is attempted to organize a second international Superkartseries with the
name “European Superkart Series'. An english Limited with headquarter in Neumünster
(D) was founded for this purpose with the name “Motorsport Event MPS Ltd.'

Some other drivers, teams and myself are considering a second international series as
destructive for motor sport. Therefore we request the CIK not to authorize this series on
the international level.

The International Superkart Series, organized by the “Stichting Superkart Organisation',
was quiet successful in the last two years. The Foundation is managed by Dasian
Panman, Jasper Blom and Henk Hali.

The Foundation has taken over the international Superkart Series from Joachim Breck-
woldt, after he has laid down in 2006 the organization of the series because of eco-
nomic failure and difficulties with some drivers and teams. All drivers and teams of the
series were very glad and grateful that Dasian Panman, Jasper Blom and Henk Hali
have agreed to continue the international series.

Sure the Foundation had first some difficulties with the international regulations and in
the organization because simply enough experience did not exist in the organization of
superkart races. However, the involved parties have tried always to learn in addition
and improved constantly. This is confirmed by the growing starting grids and the encou-
ragement by drivers and teams. The Superkart Foundation enjoys high respect with
many teams.

A group of drivers, suppliers and manufacturers already tried 2007 to build up a second
series in association with the German Car Club (AvD). As a result the starting grids de-creased in both series. The AvD series was stopped after only three events because of
the small starting grids and of the high losses for which a driver was liable.

Just a similar distribution of the starting grids is again to fear if two series on interna-
tional level will advertise for Superkart driver concurrently.

In Europe there are not enough drivers to organize two series on international level.
The national series in France, Spain and Sweden have very small starting grids. Only
on international European level and in England there are between 45 and 60 partici-

The past showed that at least 45 participants must be present for an attractive series on
an international level to get able to pursue the series without losses.

We ask the CIK to support the Superkart Foundation as well as the international Super-
kart series to be able to organize in future attractive events with a growing starting grids.

A solution could be perhaps to authorize the second series only on the national (Ger-
man) level.

With motor sporty regards
CSGI Racing Team

Jörg Bernhard



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