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Dear competitors,
Beginning this year 2010, we wish you all, as well as your close relations all the best for the
coming year.
In what concerns us, we make the wish to see you participating in the events organized on the
French territory by the FFSA.

From January 4th, 2010 and until February 28th, you can join by mail the FFSA.
We stay at your disposal for any further information.

The members of the Workgroup for Superkart

Registration in the French championship 2010

From January 4th in the morning and until February 28th, you can join by mail the FFSA.

According to the classification of the championship 2009 race numbers are attributed as
every year. If you wish a specific number thank you for contacting Eric Sévère and choosing
it in the list of the available numbers. List on inquiry.

Remind the license mechanic " Satellite Staff is always compulsory " and a control will be
realized during the administrative control.

International meeting French Cup 29/30 in May, 2010 in Magny Cours

From January 4th in the morning and until April 30th, you can join by mail the FFSA.

Advise for the drivers who wish to participate in the international meeting French Cup of May
29/30, the international license being asked, we recommend you to take it from the beginning
of season.

The helmet as well will have to be in accordance with the regulations CIK

Places being limited we recommend you to join from January 4th.

The Internation Superkart Series (NL) having registered this event on its calendar, 30 places will be
reserved for them.

The regulations authorize 60 pilots maximum.

There will be no rented spits, as the Staff of Magny Cours has not appreciated barbecues,

gravels of tubs and general visual aspect during the last event of the French championship in 2009.

European championship CIK / FIA

Entry soon CIK / FIA

Silverstone 3/4 April
Assen 7/8 August
Final Mans du 22/24 October

Further to the meeting of the FFSA Workgroup, Nicolas Mandra (Person in charge for Total
ELF) has taken note that the members of the workgroup wished to modify the modalities of
purchases and supply of the fuel for 2010 at the request of the drivers.

Until inclusive 2009, this was directly managed by Mickael Papillon / Rémy Martin, from
Lyon, from Paris or delivered on circuits.

In 2010, it will not be possible any more to remove barrels in Paris.

Further to the expressed request, we are going to propose a system of orders - on-line payment
+ delivery on circuit.

Http: //
The price contract 3.90 € /liter TTC will be increased by the expenses of delivery.
What will be more economic than the deliveries which were practised in 2009.

Note that this on-line system will impose the following constraints:

No order or no payment: no delivery (attention on the latecomers)

The delivery will be made very briefly (crenel of maxi 2 hours) with annotating to the driver
of the truck ELF.

After check, it is possible to plan the delivery on Friday afternoon from 2.00 pm. But the
distribution will be ended at the latest at 4 pm.

Any paid keg cannot be taken back: if a competitor is absent in an event for which he will
have ordered and paid a barrel, he cannot claim to be paid off or delivered free of charge to a
later event. Then, either we deliver everybody on the circuit with a price list of delivery rather
advantageous price, or we stay as before, and each takes at his own expenses the individual
costs of delivery.
(Do not hesitate to announce us your remarks and your decision for this project)

Good 2010 Season to you all..



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