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Darley Moor – August 30th - 250 Superkart Challenge

It was 2 years since the 125 Open Superkarts were at Darley Moor. The preceding Saturday and Sunday of the Monday race day were not great. However the teams awoke to a splendid sunny Monday morning. High clouds and it looked like it was going to be a fine dry day. Qualifying was 250 Challenge and 125 Open karts mixed which proved frustrating for the 125 drivers to start with. The times started to drop and the Davis brothers were swapping times on there Anderson / Honda's. Toby was eventually on pole and Ben. Roy Bennett was 3rd fasted on his ADE / Honda. Roy was sporting his nephews Gavin Bennett's 2009 leathers and this was Roy's reason for going so quick. The 125 drivers of Butler (F1 / TM), Edwards (F1 / TM), Willshire (Anderson / PFP SGM) and Colin (Anderson / Pavesi) split the remaining 250 and 125 drivers.

Race 1 Ben Davies managed to get the jump and was leading the first lap with his brother Toby in toe. Roy Bennett make a mistake coming in to paddock bend spinning allowing Steve Burton through followed by Paul Walley. Bennett got going again but was half a lap down. In the 125 Superkarts Daniel Butler and Ben Willshire had managed to get a good start and were managing to gain some ground but Willshire was being held up by the 250 of Paul Von Gerard. This was allowing Colin and Edwards to gain. On lap 4 Toby Davies pulled off with a nipped engine promoting Steve Burton in to 2nd. With the 125 in the mix of the 250s it was going to get interesting for the spectators. Willshire lost out when Von Gerard was slow out of the hairpin allowing Edwards to jump both 125's of Colin and Willshire plus Von Gerard. By lap 5 the quick drivers were in amongst the back markers. On lap 8 the 125 pack had caught 250 driver Nigel Charman. Edwards was first passed on lap the last lap followed by Butler, Willshire and Colin. It had taken 2 laps to pass the 250 driver due to the characteristics of the different driving styles.

Results Race 1

1 (250) Ben DAVIS Anderson / Honda

2 (250) Steve BURTON Anderson / Honda

3 (250) Paul WALLEY Anderson / Viper ondaHHonda

4 (125) Dan EDWARDS F1 / TM

5 (125) Danny BUTLER F1/TM

6 (125) Ben WILLSHIRE Anderson / PFP SGM

7 (250) Nigel CHARMAN Anderson / Honda

8 (125) Louise COLIN Anderson / Pavesi

9 (250) Graham JOHNSON Anderson / Honda

10 (125) Gary James F1 / Pavesi

Fastest Lap 250 – Ben Davies 1:00.01 – 89.99Mph

Fastest lap 125 – Dan Edwards 1:01.21 – 88.22Mph

Race 2 was the same format. 250's of the front and 125's of the back of the grid. This lasted just over 2 laps. The red flag was out due to an Incident at the hairpin between Graham Johnson in a 250 and Dan Edwards in a 125. Paul Von Gerard was also out after falling of at the first chicane on the start of lap 2. The karts re-gridded and this was going to be a complete restart. Fuel could be a problem as most drivers use it as ballast. On the Restart Ben Davis made a great get away followed by his brother Toby. This time the 125 drivers were not going to let the pack dictate the championship points and were very clinical with disposing of the slower 250 drivers. Out in front was Ben Davis with Toby chasing hard. On lap 3 Toby made a late braking manoeuvre in to paddock and passed his brother. After this Toby pulled away at around 1 second per lap. Bennett who was in 3rd retired with engine problems on lap 4. The 125 drivers were making swift progress and all lapping in the 1:01's. Colin dropped out on lap 2 and the front 3 drivers were Edwards, Butler and Willshire. They caught the front 250 drivers on lap7. By the end of the lap they had disposed of Nigel Charman and were on the hunt for Paul Walley. At the flag Paul had just managed to survive the train of 125's. After the race Dan Edwards was pleased with the result considering he had been in the tyres.

Results Race 2

1 (250) Toby DAVIS Anderson / Honda

2 (250) Ben DAVIS Anderson / Honda

3 (250) Steve BURTON Anderson / Honda

4 (250) Paul WALLEY Anderson / Viper ondaHHonda

5 (125) Dan EDWARDS F1 / TM

6 (125) Danny BUTLER F1/TM

7 (125) Ben WILLSHIRE Anderson / PFP SGM

8 (250) Nigel CHARMAN Anderson / Honda

9 (250) Tony LONG Raider / PFP Honda

10 (125) Gary James F1 / Pavesi

Fastest Lap 250 – Toby Davies 58.67 – 92.04 Mph

Fastest lap 125 – Dan Edwards 1:00.84 – 88.76 Mph

Best Regards Rob Willshire

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